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Track Name: Wanna Touch My Nose?
fake hands scrape rob and dip lambs
while sam, scanning mandorins,
jams on slamdancing cans cowardly

city brick mischeif, slick lipstick stick slips thick
spit crickets fit to stick with
stiff triptych art and trip sht

eat yourself some soap in the bathroom, i had to
impatient for the day when war is funny
eat yourself alive in the back room in afternoon
i've been wandering, wondering, how do souls collide?
Track Name: Glitto Smashed, Determineator
wake yourself up, lonely, nervous
you wait too long and you will never
feel my arms surround you like your
legs under, you're so surprised
to see the sunlight in the morning
why are you awake so early on?
and it's too long and it's too hard for me
to see my best friend cry

i lost my temper
and on the eve of halloween, i lost my life
and you have, better than i do, no clue
as to who we are and where our lives have gone
Track Name: Not So Boring-Snoring
every open ocean i see
is painting itself somewhere else you could be
and every kaleidoscope grey
is painting itself something else i didn't say
i am trembling now
Track Name: Post Ocean Naps
i know it makes you nervous
maybe i could show you a thing or two
about swimming in the water
swimming in the tide

i know it makes you angry
but maybe i could make it a thing or two
to show that it wasn't mine
that time
Track Name: In Wonderland
you will always be my home
Track Name: Savannah
Dreams still disrupt my days. I'll always do my best to stay. And even now, it's very hard to make the walk back to my car. Every face i know is buried in the sea. It whispers waves, it whispers something. Windows bloom fog, but Candwill doesn't laugh. He knows his fate. He's done the math.
Track Name: Hungoverween
I'm never ever gonna die.
I'm gonna live forever.
Track Name: Itchy
collapse and forge a favor
for all the babies who would have never been born
if i could get these beetles to stop from
crawling under my skin

the lives we want, it's necessary
to keep us apart, to keep our arms working
to try to get disciples to wipe these
demons off of their grins

glory, i wait for you
Track Name: Butterfly Season
The ground will never leave my feet.
Track Name: Frosty Trunks, pt. 3
you don't deserve to have me ask you
to understand, you don't deserve it
all i want now is to wake up from a bad dream
with that feeling in my bones you feel
when you're not nervous
i hope i'm sleeping

how many million people will die
between now and the end of time
and is it possible that being born
is just dying backwards?

one day, america will be a myth
and one day, the ocean won't exist
and something somewhere will be
wondering what a solar system is


smooth tide selected
kept it smiling and hoped
with every branch in your family tree
taking cans to your granny, she's
shaking hands with the clouds
and pushing imagery southbound
out of the town's roundabout
surround-n-scout bounds
slip, ride, select it
spend it spooked and on edge
all the soft creaking in the closet's got this
element to it that i fear
i hear the clear sneering of deer nearing
don't let your sight be the sense fooled by your hearing
limit your alphabet and words won't get spelled right
tonight i slept in the jungle, the earth was my flashlight
speak with an open mouth and eat with both eyes closed
don't lie to children about what lives in the sky, no.